Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The fact that he is 58 and looks far younger and very handsome at least to me, endears him to me, but BABA MI is a listenining father, friend, brother and confidant. At times i wonder what brought about the closeness between both of us in the first place, apologies to all mothers , but have never being close to mum (MAMA MI) dont know why and dont want to find out now. I remember then the first time i saw my period, believe it or not I told my BABA MI first, the first time a guy sent a love letter to me ( I was 10 then imagine that) who else but BABA MI knew about it first. I have never being ashamed to call him BABA MI, so many poeple have told me its not tush to call him that but do i care NOOO, I think my knowing the meaning of the word makes the man special.

I know poeple will be wondering ok, whats the koko, well the koko is am yet to see a faher like mine. My father has four kids and we are in different emotional degree with him. Myself being the first child is his confidant and closest friend and what he would tell me will never be heard of anywhere else ( his affairs before he met my mum and all the women making eyes at him everywhere) not even my mother.

He respects me so much and I also respect him too because in all his years with my mum he never had any extra marital affair,which is very uncommon this days. Then my immediate younger brother and my father humm.... the relationship between them is like that of a cat and a rat, I think its becuase they look so much alike and none of them appreciate seeing one in the other person, lets leave that at that, then my younger sister, my father calls her Iya (mother) but she looks like my father's father, the relationship between them is the normal father and daugther relationship except that I suspect that my father is a little bit afraid of my sister, dont be deceived by her rakish frame she is always hard faced and she doesn't tolerate nonsense not even from those that cater for her.
Then the baby of the house is so different from all of us, I think he is too serious with life but i will never tell him that of course, he is just 17 this year for goodness sake and he has his life well planned out and my father loves him to distraction.
I rememeber when my father, went to hajj 2 years ago he was always asking him if we were not maltreating him , but you can't maltreat him any way because you can't help but love my sweetfaced brother and with my mum they are simply oko and iyawo (husband and wife).
My parents have being together for almost 30 years and the kind of reltionship between them, is what I always pray for, because they understand each other to the core more like a brother and sister and am sure they still do that thing!

Back to BABA MI, he would rather die than for anything to hurt me, I remember when I had this strange illness and it got to a point that he said God should relief me of the pain and take his life instead and both of us started crying. I remember when i was 24 and i wanted to get married BABA MI was against it and I later got to know the reason, he said if you get married what would you do with the rest of your life and the guy is not what he seems and truly after ending the relationship with him he got married to another woman a month after, and now almost four years down the line he has divorced her and married to another woman. And apart from that he has 2 kids from 2 different women without telling me, BABA MI said I don't want to say o tan e (serve you right) so I had to tell you on time.

Tell me why he won't be special to me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Even the man that gave birth to me has given up hope on me, he has totally decided not to say a word about me in defence or condemnation, why because i am too complex for my own good, even my self i no fit describe myself.

First and foremost i appear innocent looking and vunerable so people tend to want to take advantage of me and i always laugh deep inside me waiting for them discover what had hit them but then it would be too late for them to back out, what excatly am i blabbing about, i dont cheat, i dont prostitute, i dont do any thing that tends to spoil my farther's name (AYEYEMI) i only try as much as possible to get things done without using any of the above named means. To me this is not any thing out of the ordinary but poeple normally praise me to high haevens that at times i wonder.

Then the second fact is that i look younger than my age, so what i would do and get away with if any other person dares it the person will have him or herself to blame, i have done so many things in my life that when i look back i laugh or i cringe. My kind of madness is quite uncommon if anybody should ask for my house address i always include the fact that i came from mushin and i like Obesere, then they will wonder but i dont care, there was a day i entered a bus and the driver was playing the music of godfather and creator of fuji Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister ( i grew up on him, thanks to my father) and one stupid and foolish guy beside me was posing maybe because of my tribal marks i really dont know and i dont care so i started singing after him and the guy started moving away from me and me being me i kept moving closer and started singing louder, he was called (he had one made in computer village phone) and he was blowing bad fone (phonetics) doused with a lot of you know and yeah men and me i was laughing hard inside of me and meanwhile i was now singing very loud, he ended his call and i got a call (with my nokia 6125 that i bought for #32,000, my hard earned money o)from one important personality name withheld and i was my normal self again with courtesy and everything i felt him shake and he was actually looking at my phone with envy, i just looked at him, after my call he said sister so you sabi speak english instead of me to answer with politeness i said i sabi am pass your mama. he said wetin that one com mean and me ever battle ready with my pint sized body said omo kosoro( child, end of discussion) and that was the end of discussion.