Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Even the man that gave birth to me has given up hope on me, he has totally decided not to say a word about me in defence or condemnation, why because i am too complex for my own good, even my self i no fit describe myself.

First and foremost i appear innocent looking and vunerable so people tend to want to take advantage of me and i always laugh deep inside me waiting for them discover what had hit them but then it would be too late for them to back out, what excatly am i blabbing about, i dont cheat, i dont prostitute, i dont do any thing that tends to spoil my farther's name (AYEYEMI) i only try as much as possible to get things done without using any of the above named means. To me this is not any thing out of the ordinary but poeple normally praise me to high haevens that at times i wonder.

Then the second fact is that i look younger than my age, so what i would do and get away with if any other person dares it the person will have him or herself to blame, i have done so many things in my life that when i look back i laugh or i cringe. My kind of madness is quite uncommon if anybody should ask for my house address i always include the fact that i came from mushin and i like Obesere, then they will wonder but i dont care, there was a day i entered a bus and the driver was playing the music of godfather and creator of fuji Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister ( i grew up on him, thanks to my father) and one stupid and foolish guy beside me was posing maybe because of my tribal marks i really dont know and i dont care so i started singing after him and the guy started moving away from me and me being me i kept moving closer and started singing louder, he was called (he had one made in computer village phone) and he was blowing bad fone (phonetics) doused with a lot of you know and yeah men and me i was laughing hard inside of me and meanwhile i was now singing very loud, he ended his call and i got a call (with my nokia 6125 that i bought for #32,000, my hard earned money o)from one important personality name withheld and i was my normal self again with courtesy and everything i felt him shake and he was actually looking at my phone with envy, i just looked at him, after my call he said sister so you sabi speak english instead of me to answer with politeness i said i sabi am pass your mama. he said wetin that one com mean and me ever battle ready with my pint sized body said omo kosoro( child, end of discussion) and that was the end of discussion.

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